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Random shutdowns without any sign

Hello, I bought an Asus laptop (X541UVK) a year ago and now I’m experiencing a weird problem, the PC randomly shutdown while on battery, I can sometimes turn it on again by pressing the power button but it will shut down again after seconds or minutes, at first it looks like that’s a battery issue but I don’t really think that.

I stressed both the GPU & CPU at the same time to see if the battery can deliver enough amperage and to check my temperatures, after 10mins the temperature of the CPU was 50°C and the GPU 60°C, so that means I have no thermal issues (which doesn’t surprise me) and probably the battery is fine, I restarted the same test while shaking the laptop (no worries I got an SSD) to check if the battery isn’t fully plugged or something like that but no luck, the laptop still works xD.

So what’s the problem then????

All drivers and BIOS are updated and I’m using the last version of Windows 10, also the PC works fine while plugged in the charger.

Update (04/15/2020)

Thank you for your help I think I solved the problem so far, I cleaned the power pins on the battery and on the motherboard using a toothbrush and an electronic contact cleaner, also I added some paper around the corners of the battery for further maintaining.

I’ll test my computer for some days before approving this solution until then feel free to ask me anything.

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I was right! This solution worked very well :) I didn't have any problem since I posted it, hope somebody else found it useful.


Hi. I am having the same problem. My device shuts down when not charging and this turn off time can vary. There is no shutdown problem when it is charged. what is the solution please answer.





HI @vertinhol,

Things to try:

If the shutdown occurs often, try starting the laptop in ''safe mode'' and check if it still occurs. If not you have a driver or settings problem

Run a system file check (sfc) command to make sure that all the OS files are OK

Check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that show at about the same time as the shutdown or any event that has multiple appearances.

To get to Event Viewer, right click on the Windows Start button (left side of the Taskbar) and click on the event viewer link that is in the options box that appears.

Double click on an event of interest to view more information.

To find out further what they mean and why they may be caused, search online for What does (insert Event ID, insert Source) mean? e.g. What does Event ID 1014 source DNS Client Events mean?

Create a Win 10 battery report to check the state of the battery (if only to reassure yourself about the battery)


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1 Comment:

I already checked the event viewer and according to it, it could be a software problem or hardware (lost power unexpectedly), but I'm pretty sure my Windows files are fine because I use this PC only to work with and my battery is in good shape.



@vertinhol ... it does sound like a battery issue. if it works fine on ac and never cycles, the only viable answer is a battery related issue. This could be a bad battery or the battery isnt really charging due to ic or faulted circuit. The only reason a device would shut down without warning is no power or a short causing instant shutdown. Your device runs on battery for a bit before crashing, so the likely of the two is a faulty battery i.m.o.

You can run a battery diagnostic from a third party app or if you system has a built in service menu that displays battery health.


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The battery gets charge and after a crash, I can run the PC again on battery because it still has enough energy.


to clarify crash (battery issue as suggested) the unit will just go dead. no shutting down, no blue screen...nothing. if it gives any shutdown warning or display indicating such, look into @jayeff solution because it is not hardware. if it is a true crash, just instantly dead, my previous post explains what you need to look into. being that it is an intermittent issue and you can reboot and run again, it may be a loose connection or something grounding out or something heating up and shorting. (again, only if it goes instantly dead) please clarify which of the issues youre having.



@Emirhan GÜNEŞ

Create a Win 10 battery report as shown in the link in the Chosen Solution, to check the status of the battery. It may be failing under load.

Compare the Design capacity versus the Full Charge capacity to get an idea of how good it still is.


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Battery health is around 70%. The computer shuts down when the battery is in load or idle state. I wonder if there may be a lack of contact between the battery and the motherboard. I suspect that.


@Emirhan GÜNEŞ

If there was lack of contact then you would think that it would also occur when the battery was fully charged.

What is the charge percentage of the battery as shown by Windows on the Taskbar, after the laptop has shutdown when on the battery only and you restart the laptop again on the battery only?

Does it start again on the battery or only when the charger has been connected to the laptop?


Hi. I think I solved my problem. Like the friend upstairs, I opened the computer case and looked at the battery. There was play on the battery. I rendered the battery inoperable with the paper and turned on the computer for about 1 and a half hours and there was no problem. I'll test it again. I hope that's not a problem. Thank you for your quick turnaround. :)




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