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After learning the finer points of US vs. EU sandwicherie, let's tuck into the (mostly familiar) US silicon layers:

Apple APL1W01 A14 Bionic SoC with Micron MT53D512M64D4UA-046 XT:F 4 GB LPDDR4 SDRAM layered over it (same as the iPhone 12/12 Pro)

1UED, most likely a U1 ultra-wideband chip similar to the USI chip in other iPhones

STMicroelectronics STWPA1-3033ABM wireless charging IC, possibly something similar to their STWBC-EP chip

KIC M224 BE0408 TWNA 12031, 64 GB of Kioxia NAND flash memory

Qualcomm SDR865 5G and LTE transceiver

Qualcomm SDX55M 5G modem-RF system and SMR526 intermediate frequency IC

Apple APL1094 power management IC