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This is the first time we've seen "más" cameras in a "menos" iPhone. It's impressive to see, especially if no corners were cut in the process.

No plastic spacers here—it sort of made sense to see that in the larger iPhone 12, but space is at even more of a premium in the mini. There just isn't a square to spare.

The mini camera (left) has the same ƒ/1.6 wide-angle and ƒ/2.4 ultra wide-angle cameras found in the regular iPhone 12 (right). The wide-angle module also features optical image stabilization (OIS)—and we have the X-rays to prove it!

We're impressed by the additional camera in this small-bodied phone, but it may have come at the expense of the already paltry battery life. Hard to stay mad at this li'l guy, though.

One spot of good news: camera replacements perform perfectly in our tests. So far, there's no sign that the mini shares the regular iPhone 12's problematic camera repair situation.