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iPhones are fully onboard the "normal is big, and big is really big" train—despite continued calls for a return to the wee phones of yore.

Since we tear down phones regardless of size, here's a sampler plate of iPhone, in all different sizes. From left to right: iPhone 4, SE 2020, 12 mini, 12, and 12 Pro Max.

Unfortunately, a return to a (slightly) smaller size doesn't mean a return of our friend the headphone jack. RIP to an OG.

The iPhone 12 mini does bring an interesting new feature: increased grille asymmetry (presumably to Jony Ive's chagrin). It appears that the smaller phone needs a little more space for that antenna band.

As is the case for the other iPhones 12, a small mmWave window on the side marks the US models, while the EU's feature some regulatory tribal tattoos.