Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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Left side of screen displays on right side and vice versa

A few minutes after starting up, my Mac Mini’s display on an external monitor changes such that the left portion appears on the right side and the right portion appears on the left. Needless to say, it’s unusable in that condition. Is this a sign of a failing graphics card, or something else?

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Very Odd! Some displays offer a flip option so it can be hung upside down.

I haven’t heard of a mirror condition side to side. Did you try a second display to see if the problem followed?


@danj I don't have another monitor to test that, but my monitor is working fine with a MacBook Pro of the same vintage and a new PC laptop.


@cynthiareplogle - That works too!


Which version do you have? As Apple offered both IG and DG models

The Macmini5,1 & Macmini5,3 offer just the Intel HD Graphics 3000 engine and the Macmini5,2 offer the Intel and DG Radeon HD 6630M GPU.


@danj I'm not sure. How can I tell?






@cynthiareplogle - OK so you got the DG system (Macmini5,2) which has had issues with the AMD Radeon HD 6630M GPU. Haven’t seen your condition but at this point your testing points to the logic board.

Lets try one test here to see if not loading the AMD driver the display corrects its self. If it does then you could run your system just using the Intel graphics engine (IG), but it won’t be as good as the AMD GPU (DG).

Otherwise it’s time for a new logic board.

Restart your system and press the Shift (⇧) to enter into Safe mode which should work correctly

Mac startup key combinations


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Thanks. I tried starting up the computer, and restarting in safe mode, but now have another problem: I can't get past a blank white screen. Sometimes I see the Apple logo and a loading bar that doesn't complete before it goes all white. Sounds like a similar issue to this and I've tried several of the same approaches to no avail. Thoughts?


@cynthia replogle - Sorry its the end of the line you need a new logic board ;-{


@danj Bummer! Thanks for your help though.


@danj Can you advise how to wipe the drive when it's in this condition? I have someone interested in fixing it and would like to give it to them without all my files.


@cynthiareplogle - Don't have any magic for that other than removing the drive and if you have another drive which is formatted with macOS on it put it in so he has something working (minus your stuff) then when you get the system back swap it back in so you're back to square one!




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