Mid 2013 revision to the Xbox 360 line of game consoles, featuring 4 USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Dead 4GB memory unit replacement.

It doesn’t seem possible to replace the 4GB memory unit on the 360E.  Why is that?

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To be clear, my only problem is that the latest update (May, 2018) cannot be processed without the memory unit being functional. As far as I know, at least. So, without the update, I can't access Xbox live and get patches, etc., making the machine virtually worthless. And I'm not interested in modding it for other gaming purposes.


Oh, and I did the 20GB case swap years ago. Thanks for that info, though.


Yikes. I'm surprised it's used for more then save games. From what I understand it shouldn't matter if you have a hard drive? I would check if you've filled that drive up as it's stupidly easy to do. The dead NAND would be an issue if you did.

Maybe the 20GB is so limited in space it goes to the NAND flash? Maybe I should get a 60GB to convert if it matters that much... The cases cost next to nothing.

I was thinking you were in need of a good fix since many of these never get a hard drive installed internally because it's more then the whole thing WITH the internal drive out of the box.


I purchased a 360S after the update and transferred whatever was on the 20 GB over to the new 250GB hard drive that came with the "new" one so there hasn't been anything on that hard drive. From everything I've learned since updates are only stored on the original 4GB "drive." I've tried re-labeling the 20GB drive as "memory unit" and it didn't work. Always seemed a strange design flaw to me. One simple component failure and it's toast.


@dr_e_nickwitty I always thought it only served as game save space since that model was targeted more towards kids and parents who don't know better.

Granted mine came from a negligent adult but 9 times out of 10 these were owned by kids who bawk at the cost of a blessed drive and get the 250GB version that they should have. Fixing the storage issue was the first thing I addressed and I'm glad I moved to a hard drive and never went back...





The 360 has soldered the 4GB of flash to the motherboard since the Jasper arcade as a cost cutting measure. Unless you can get compatible flash with the security sector, the NAND will no longer work. There are no dumps of this in existence I know of since the 4GB of NAND flash is famously known to be useless. My flash works (I upgraded mine because I didn’t want to live on external drives unless I need to). Note I bought a 20GB HD because I did the swap for science to see before I went for 60/120 drives. I also don’t have the means (or desire) to dump the NAND flash security sector.

Your best option (despite being a cheap hack at best, let's be honest) is to convert a used OG 20/60GB 360 fat drive to a 360 S/E by opening the drive and replacing the enclosure, which can be found at pretty much any game store - especially GameStop. These are common because so many of these dropped dead years ago and as they were no longer covered people sold the drives to places like GS or on eBay years ago, and they still come up as a result. While you can use a 120GB drive (and probably should), the 20/60 drives tend to be dirt cheap.

That said, BE RESPECTFUL AND DON'T BRAG, even if the warranty might as well be voided on the spot. You can find the enclosure on eBay or Amazon. The tab will either say nothing or be an obvious mismatch (the S/E was either 160 or 250GB) and you will not be able to deny what was done due to the size, but as a quick fix it does the job.


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Will this fix being unable to update?


@Garzadude If you get a drive with the security sector, it might- the flash dying may pose a problem. The update may copy to the hard drive.




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