The long-awaited refresh of the popular Mac mini. Processor options include 3.6 GHz quad-core Intel Core i3, 3.0 GHz 6-core Intel Core i5, and 3.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 processors.

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Best Universal toolkit of Bits for 2019 Mac hardware?


I saw the late 2018 mac mini teardown before i buy it, for gathering the best information on how to upgrade the ram modules .

I was inclined to buy a full-fledged kit of bits (Manta Precision Bit Set) for this and future upgrades/repairs. But I noticed that he lacked the required Torx T10 screwdriver!

This halted my aspirations.

Can any of you give input if is there any better alternative to a comprehensive kit of bits for 2018 apple hardware.

I hope seeing one of two options come to fruition. Or ifixit provides one manta precision kit bit set (2018 edition) that have all the bits possibly used for all mac and ios hardware devices presently sold at apple website (say all mac, iphone, ipad, watch). Or manta lost the relevance for a newer diferent kit. I came to the impression that the Manta kit is for sale to anyone who wants to ensure they have all the bits possibly needed for one eventual and actual hardware repair ( not having to buy bits if one changed from a mac mini to a macbook)

If this is the porpose of the kit i guess i run simply in a bad time frame.

PS: The Mac mini Late 2018 Memory Maxxer RAM Upgrade Kit lists Torx TR10 when should be Torx T10 if I understood correctly from the official teardown.

Some help, @ifixit0 @danj

I really liked the 2018 mac mini,

Thanks in advance .

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Retina MacBook 2017 Teardown



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Mac mini Late 2018 Teardown



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mmm… The Manta Driver Set does include the needed T10 bit!

What can be confusing here is the bit supports both the standard as well as the security version of screws. The difference between the two is the added hole so the pin in the middle of the security screw has a void to enter.

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Manta Driver Kit - 112 Bit Driver Kit



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I would buy an essential electronics toolkit, it has prying/opening tools you may need plus that T10 Torx bit you need for your repair.

Essential Electronics Toolkit

Side note: TR bits/drivers are called Torx Security and can double as a regular Torx driver/bit.

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Essential Electronics Toolkit



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Very helpful side note :D

But my question remains and I clarify why.

I want to have desktop mac (mac mini 2018, imac 27 5k or imac 21 4k), ios (iphone x forward), watch (3 or 4) and ipad pro (inclined to choose the 2018).

Will this suffice in regards of usual part swap/ upgrades for all pieces?




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