The LG VX5200 is a CDMA flip phone with an external antenna, 32 MB of onboard memory, and a 1000 mAh Li-ion battery.

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Where can I purchase an antenna for the VX5200 from Verizon

I was told that my antenna on my Verizon LG VX5200 may be bad due to dropping it over the years. I was looking to replace the antenna instead of purchasing a new phone. Any information on if I am able to purchase an antenna or does it have to be sent back to the manufacturer. Thank you for your time.

Oh ok, Thanks for explaining why i should look for one with a bad ESN, free or reasonably priced is always good and i was just thinking it would be nice to have one for parts. You have been a tremendous help. :)

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It may not be a bad antenna. It's probably just loose from being dropped. At least open it and check the antenna connection before buying parts phones. If it helps you don't need the parts phone. If not, get a parts phone.

Also, twist the external antenna and see if it helps. Sometimes these come loose. If not, open the phone.

LG VX5200 Antenna Replacement

If this doesn't help you won't find parts on their own for this phone. You need a parts phone. In this case, go for a bad ESN model and borrow the antenna. The reason for this is these are dirt cheap phones. They're easy to find and cost next to nothing, if not free. The reason is they can't be used as a phone because they're blocked. They're useless as phones but great for parts. Just remember to trash the motherboard because you have no way to use it.


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Awesome, i greatly appreciate you answering my question & will do exactly what you suggested. Thanks again for your time/help. Have a great night!!


I know its been awhile but i just wanted to say again how thankful i was that you were soo helpful, you were a blessing that night. Thank You Nick




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