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With those lower components conquered, we have the perfect angle of attack for those stretch-release battery adhesive tabs.

Don’t let that “L” deceive you—the Max has the winning battery out of all the iPhones 12, not just in power, but in technology. X-ray vision shows that the Max’s battery pack isn’t quite full to the brim, but it's darn close—and the high-tech shape allows it to turn the corner on capacity.

The Max power source weighs in at 14.13 Wh, tipping the scales against the 8.57 Wh mini battery and the 10.78 Wh 12 and 12 Pro.

This is a slight step down from the 15.04 Wh pack in the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it definitely falls behind the Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra (16.69 Wh and 17.46 Wh respectively).