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Thanks to viewers like you, we did it! This season's fourth and final iPhone has been laid to rest in pieces. The only thing left to do? Load up some sweet teardown wallpapers.

The Pro Max is arguably Apple's finest iPhone-related achievement this year, adding some pretty demanding 5G tech with no obvious compromises to other components.

We're pleased to see this iPhone retain its high-tech L-shaped battery. Here's hoping those make a stronger comeback in the whole iPhone lineup next year—bigger batteries generally need fewer replacements over their lifetimes. (They're also just really cool.)

PS: We're pretty impressed with the new camera's capabilities—If you didn't already guess, the two images we shot on iPhone are here and here. Congrats to our lucky prizewinners who guessed correctly!

Oh by the way, our iPhone 12 Pro Max thankfully gave us no trouble in our camera repair tests—unlike the standard iPhone 12. Let's hope those bugs were just a fluke.