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Oh yeah, we've got an English version, too! Let's decrypt these labels and take a closer look at all the connection options we have:

Parallel I/O: Funnily enough, Sony never released an official product that took advantage of the parallel port, but many third-parties made cheat devices for it.

Serial I/O: This port is used to link two PlayStations together for multiplayer on separate TVs, but only certain games supported it.

RCA Out: These ports provided a non-proprietary method for connecting the PlayStation to the TV.

RFU DC Out: Since many older TVs didn't have RCA ports, this port was used to plug in an RF modulator, which would convert the video and audio to an RF signal in order to communicate with the TV.

S-Video Out: This elusive port only appeared on the original SCPH-1000 Japanese model. Depending on the TV, many argue the dedicated S-Video port provides a better image quality than the other output options.

AV Multi Out: This was Sony's proprietary connector for video and audio output. The development of RCA, S-Video, and RF cables for this port phased out all of the other outputs over the years.

AC In: The PlayStation uses a standard C7/C8 cable and connector, with the North American model using a polarized version. Sony has used this AC connector on all of its PlayStations thus far.