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And that's it! There's not much inside this original PlayStation, which is a testament to Sony's design and engineering chops—or maybe technology was just simpler back then... Probably a bit of both.

It's hard to remember a time when Sony wasn't a game console maker, and it's easy to see why: they nailed a lot of the essentials on their first try.

That, plus a steady stream of award-winning games has led to PlayStation's rise to the top of the best-selling-console list multiple times over the course of the last couple decades. The original PlayStation is currently #5 on that list, even though it remains #1 in many of our hearts.

And with that, it's time to end this special 25th anniversary teardown from the past. If you need us, we'll be with a certain web-slinging crime fighter. First, though, let's give this thing a repairability score.