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We came overprepared with our Pro Tech Toolkit and its 64 driver bits—we only need one to twirl away these Torx screws and remove the midframe, along with its embedded earpiece speaker.

On our way to the battery, we fold aside a couple of golden flex cables for the Active Edge sensors. In Pixels past, these cables were routed under the battery, out of sight and easy to destroy with wayward prying. It's nice to see them out of harm's way here.

Onward to battery extraction, where two adhesive strips stand in the way. We locate the pull tabs and they cooperate without much fuss. Success! The battery is out.

This battery beats out the Pixel 3's 11.2 Wh battery with its own 11.55 Wh (3.85 V, 3000 mAh) powerhouse. That falls neatly between the iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10e, at 11.16 Wh and 11.94 Wh, respectively.