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What, no iOpener? Although it would help, this phone was easy enough to open without heat—a rarity these days.

A spongy, easily-separated adhesive secures the display—which is good for repairs. But it's probably a trade-off that also leaves this phone less than waterproof, so beware.

The usual tiny side bezels leave this expensive OLED panel vulnerable to our opening pick. Expecting this, we safely slice alongside the display and free it from the phone.

Just like old times, the display is connected to the motherboard by a single ribbon cable.

Rumors pointed to a "gOLED" display made by LG, but this is unmistakably a Samsung panel.

Spoiler alert: we're also tearing down a 3a XL, and that's got a Samsung panel, too.

Also along for the ride is a Synaptics S3706 touchscreen controller.

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