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In order for the adhesive to bond correctly, you'll need to apply even pressure around the perimeter of your iPhone. The camera bump complicates matters, but you can compensate by laying your iPhone face-down and placing coins around the perimeter.

As an alternative method, you can use screen vice clamps around the perimeter of your device to set the new adhesive.

You can use coins of any denomination, so long as they are as thick or slightly thicker than the camera bump.

If your iPhone has a high-gloss finish, such as Jet Black, add a strip of tape around the perimeter to protect the finish before placing any coins.

Place a coin at each corner of your iPhone, and place two coins on either side of the camera bump.

Place additional coins around the entire perimeter of your iPhone.

Using a hair dryer or heat gun, evenly heat the side edges all the way around the iPhone until they are slightly too hot to touch. The heat will help the adhesive form a more complete bond. Don't overheat the iPhone, or you may cause the battery to ignite or damage other heat-sensitive components, like the display.