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iDevice Password Removal/Recovery Mode Restore
If you have a device you don't know the password to or have problems with a device bootloop, this guide will help you clear the issue every time.
'''Warning! This method erases the data on the device. Do not do this unless you are sure you do not need the data, have a backup or need it up and running at the expense of data. If you need to recover your data, you will need to try an alternate method or guess the password.'''
'''Note: If you are iOS8 or newer, have your Apple ID ready. The device will have an activation lock on it. If you do not have it or you had the device "cleared" you will brick it.'''
If you purchased a used iDevice or forgot the password on your personal device or have other software related problems that prevent you from restoring your device normally, this guide will help you recover the device through alternative means. Please note this is NOT for the iPhone 7 and up, as these devices use a different method to access Recovery Mode.
'''Warning! This method erases ALL DATA on the device. Take a backup of the data if at all possible (or know you do not need the data).'''
'''iCloud warning: iOS8 and up implement an iCloud activation lock. Restoring the device this way will lock you out of your hardware unless you know what the Apple ID that is currently associated with the device. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD ON DEVICES THAT HAVE BEEN BEEN ICLOUD UNLOCKED THROUGH UNOFFICIAL MEANS!'''
Need to recover a device with a lost password? This is how you would do it.
If you got your iDevice used and do not know the password or forgot what the password is, this guide will show you how to access Recovery Mode.