Use this guide to replace a worn-out battery. If your battery is swollen, take appropriate precautions.


  1. Remove the following ten screws:
    • Remove the following ten screws:

    • Three 14.4 mm Phillips #00 screws

    • Three 3.5 mm Phillips #00 screws

    • Four 3.5 mm shouldered Phillips #00 screws

    • When replacing the small screws, align them perpendicular to the slight curvature of the case (they don't go straight down).

    How much weight can I save by removing the optical drive?

    gunes314 - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    You can save a lot of weight if lets say your installing a solid state drive or putting in a second hard drive but if you know that you use the CD/DVD disc drive a lot then you might just want to leave the drive alone.

    Marshall WahlstromHelgren -

    Tip: Use one of those weekday pill holders to have a cheep way to store screws you remove and each day of the week can be for different sizes or parts. It has been handy to have (much less expensive than the magnetic mat.

    Robert Wacker - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    Hello, where can I buy the screws I need in case I lose one of them?

    taylornya - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    I have one stripped screw... How opening without drill it?! Any suggestions please?

    rodrigosady - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    I also stripped a couple screws. I wasn’t able to open it up without drilling. After drilling the heads and removing the cover it was easy to hacksaw the tip and unscrew with a standard driver.

    Michael Wilkens -

    My top tip - make sure you buy good quality Phillips screwdrivers and a magnetic holder. Cheap screwdrivers won’t get the screws undone safely. Without a magnetic holder you have no chance of getting the tiny crews in and out safely.

    jeremyyoung - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    A good Phillips 00 is your friend here. Also, when reinserting the screws, gently start anticlockwise and you wil feel a click at the start of the thread. This tells you you’re in the right place and less likely to cross-thread through force in the wrong place.

    Iain Boyd - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    I feel like these are 000 screws. Amazon sales describe them as such and my 000 screwdriver fits better

    cam2000deluxe -

    Before ordering a new Trackpad remove the existing battery and try clicking the Trackpad. If it clicks OK with the battery out the source of problem is likely a swollen battery, which should to be replaced even if it still works to some degree. From the side of the battery you will likely see the soft part of the battery bulging beyond the hard case.

    Patrick Langvardt - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    That’s absolutely correct as I can testify. With the battery removed I also adjusted the T6 set screw that adjusts the sensitivity of the trackpad click, evidently someone had cranked mine down tighter than the factory setting.

    Gary Register -

    Le quatrième paragraphe dans les instructions en français n’est pas correct : ce ne sont pas les 2 petites vis, mais les 7 petites vis qui sont inclinées. Et les 3 grandes sont bien verticales.

    Degeorges - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    Bonjour ! Merci de votre observation. J’ai corrigé la traduction. iFixit étant un wiki, n’hésitez pas à modifiez si vous remarquez une erreur :) Encore merci de votre attention et à bientôt !

    Claire Miesch -

    Tip: if you have a magnetic screw mat or similar, lay the macbook over the mat to make sure it catches any screws that may decide to fall of and hide under your table

    Moritz - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

  2. Use your fingers to pry the lower case away from the body of the MacBook near the vent. Remove the lower case.
    • Use your fingers to pry the lower case away from the body of the MacBook near the vent.

    • Remove the lower case.

  3. Use the edge of a spudger to pry the battery connector upwards from its socket on the logic board. It is useful to pry upward on both short sides of the connector to "walk" it out of its socket. Be careful with the corners of the connectors, they can be easily broken off.
    • Use the edge of a spudger to pry the battery connector upwards from its socket on the logic board.

    • It is useful to pry upward on both short sides of the connector to "walk" it out of its socket. Be careful with the corners of the connectors, they can be easily broken off.

    Is this step of removing the battery connector required?

    manodh - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    yes - as with disassembly of any electronic component you have to remove any power source. You don't want to accidentally turn the Mac on

    khull -

    Prying the battery connector off does not take much force. I did exactly what the guide suggested (walked it off back and forth) with the spudger without any problems. Just be very gentle, much like with anything inside laptops, they are very fragile and need to be worked with carefully. A+ instructions, battery replacement was a success.

    aekinaka - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    Be patient on disconnecting this one. It worked for me step by step, little by little.

    Phil Wagner - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    I used the nails of thumb and pointer finger simultaneously - worked pretty fine

    Reinhard Kaune - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

  4. Bend the battery cable slightly away from its socket on the logic board so it does not accidentally connect itself while you work.
    • Bend the battery cable slightly away from its socket on the logic board so it does not accidentally connect itself while you work.

    I put some tape between the connector and socket while working on the drive.

    Stephen Smith - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    That's a good tip

    Anrothan -

    Great tip, I did that too

    Ahmed Mahran -

    One other note: The screw heads fit flush with the curvature of the case -- which means that they aren't exactly horizontal. In other words, they aren't perpendicular to the table that the computer is resting on. Don't try to force them straight in vertically, because you'll risk cross-threading them. (nearly ruined one screw hole myself!)

    lelandjordon - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    On my MacBook Pro, the connector seems to be an integral part of the battery.

    Jerry South - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    I suspect it’s just like the special screwdriver required for seatbelts on cars – to discourage regular consumers from attempting repairs. Of course, this only encourages consumers to use the wrong tool to attempt to repairs

    colleenthompson - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

  5. Remove the following two screws:
    • Remove the following two screws:

    • One 5.6 mm Tri-point screw

    • One 13 mm Tri-point screw

    Something isn’t right here. On my MacBook Pro, the connector is an integral part of the battery.

    Jerry South - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    Verify that this is the correct guide for your specific model—if not, we’ve got guides for all the other models, too.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    And which Apple “Genius” decided that a tri-wing screw would be just perfect for the job of holding the batter in place? Not smart for a genius.

    Jerry South - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    These tri-point screws are Y0 size. You’re welcome :)

    Rossi Macri - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    The 13 mm Tri-point screw was very tricky to screw back into place. I had to make several attempts, unscrewing and realigning the battery to get it right. The rest of this fix was very easy, but this one screw was the hardest part.

    Raymond Rinaldi - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

  6. Carefully peel the battery warning label off the upper case between the battery and the optical drive.
    • Carefully peel the battery warning label off the upper case between the battery and the optical drive.

    • Do not remove the label from the battery.

    What is the reasoning behind not removing the label from the (old) battery?

    tom - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    Probably to help you remove it? Not sure, but I used it along with the clear tab to pull the battery out. Worked pretty good.

    aitorrecalde -

    One of the main thing is that it can weaken an already old battery which is never a good thing, especially if people try to remove the label using a pointy device and piercing the battery (can explode !). Also it is not useful to remove it and it allow tracking of old parts (recycle, dispose, …).

    Cajuteq -

  7. Use the attached plastic pull tab to remove the battery from the upper case.
    • Use the attached plastic pull tab to remove the battery from the upper case.

    • If you're installing a new battery, you should calibrate it after installation:

    • Charge it to 100%, and then keep charging it for at least 2 more hours. Next, unplug and use it normally to drain the battery. When you see the low battery warning, save your work, and keep your laptop on until it goes to sleep due to low battery. Wait at least 5 hours, then charge your laptop uninterrupted to 100%.

    • If you notice any unusual behavior or problems after installing your new battery, you may need to reset your MacBook's SMC.

    My replacement battery came with a clear protective film that should be removed before installation. Be sure not to overlook the film on the bottom of the battery as it covers only a portion of that side and might be easy to overlook.

    Do not over-tighten the bolts holding the battery in place. One of the tabs on the original battery was broken, presumably due to over-tightening.

    Patrick Langvardt - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    The calibration suggestion given in this guide differs a bit from what iFIXIT sent with the battery. What came with the battery went like this…

    For optimal performance, calibrate your newly installed battery. Drain battery below 10%, then charge it uninterrupted to 100%.

    Daniel Lavelle - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    I recommend disregarding those instructions and following the steps in this article:

    1. Charge it to 100%, and keep charging it for at least two more hours.

    2. Unplug your laptop and use it normally to drain the battery.

    3. Save your work when you see the low battery warning.

    4. Keep your laptop on until it goes to sleep due to low battery.

    5. Wait at least five hours, then charge your laptop uninterrupted to 100%.

    Sam Omiotek -

    would it be dangerous to use the macbook without a battery in the meantime?

    724 F - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

    It’s not dangerous (assuming you have put the back cover back on), though the computer will run slower. The charging assembly cannot supply as much amperage as the battery, so the processor will be throttled.

    Sam Omiotek -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Take your e-waste to an R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler.


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I thought these batteries couldn't be replaced.

brucebridges - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

These batteries are built to the same spec as OEM (Apple)

They are just not "user friendly" to replace like most devices are, the price we pay for pretty devices.

This guide is excellent and now I know I need 1 more tool before I do this myself. I need that tri-wing screwdriver.

John Lang -

Anyone know of any batteries with a larger capacity that could fit this?

Anrothan - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

It seems that there are no true larger capacity batteries for this Macbook. Ones that claim higher capacity are usually of dubious quality.

coffee -

Clear, well written instructions, thank you! (But yes, a line about take off shoes and socks and ground yourself is helpful. )

unlvkatherine - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Warning: if you have not used this MBP for a while, check how it does look like.

I kept mine for backwards compatibility (such as Rosetta and old FireWire). I cleaned up my drawer today.

See how it looked like today:

The battery was most severely blown up, crashing the body shell. I’m glad it did not burn the house to ashes.

Martin - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Wow! On your Picture we see the original battery from Apple! Yes?

Mario -

I just replaced my battery, and had no issues. Great instruction manual, and easy to do.

Christopher Chupp - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Thank you very much. it was a great help. till now i thought it required an expert. thanks again.

richard - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Where should I discard the old battery?

Tamara - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

It happened to me too! i’ll try to calibrate the battery as apple says

Luís - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

I replaced the battery, and it was very easy. The problem lies in fact that my laptop will only run for about 20 minutes then shuts down. I put the old battery back in and it is working fine. Is this a defective battery?

Bill Hicks - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

I have the same problem, posted above. Searched the web for possible solutions without success. Let me know if you’ve found one.

Csaba Kátai -

Same here. I am in the process of letting it die down from the first full charge and it does a hard shutdown every 20 minutes.

brodystewart30 -

Looks like I might be having a similar issue. I’ve just received and installed a new battery from iFixit and the MacBook is shutting down abruptly anywhere from 5-30 minutes after switching to battery power. I’ve tried resetting PRAM/SMC/removing, checking connections and remove/replace the battery several times. This typically results in orange magsafe light, battery is detected correctly and it’s charging. Then after some time the magsafe the light goes green, battery is no longer charging and cononut battery shows NaN on battery capacitor indicator. I reinstalled the old battery and everything works fine - of course I have the original problem of diminished capacity which is why I replaced it. If several people are having similar issues I wonder if it’s a bad batch of batteries?

Colm -

Just installed the 2nd new iFixit battery. Exactly the same issue, abrupt shut down after approx. 20 mins. (Formatting the battery is a painful process...) Might be a faulty batch of batteries. From the earlier positive comments I guess this problem has been experienced recently, so, maybe Apple did something in Mojave?

Csaba Kátai -

Replaced the battery with this guide. Seemed to work at first, but the macbook sometimes suddenly switches off or doesn‘t start anymore. Resetting SMC/PRAM works only for a short time, bevore the Macbook does again what it wants. Any suggestions?

t.wurmehl - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

No suggestions. Seemingly many of us who made battery replacement experience the same. I’ve tried already two iFixit batteries. Same issues. Abrupt shutdown while on battery, battery reported N/A by the system, not charging while at e.g. 60%, etc. SMC solves the problems for 20-30 minutes only.

Csaba Kátai -

Hi folks of iFixit. I really like to fix things by myself, but it should work afterwards. So I immediately need an answer to the questions above. I have the same problems with a sudden shutdown after a short while even in process . That is really annoying in most of the times. The replacement is very easy, even with the good instruction, so pease give a statement.

stefanberger1963 - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

I have the some problem too! My question is: the iFixit team what says? I think my money is good, why not my battery? What iFixit answer?

Marco - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

I took contact to iFixit EU Support <>. I got a quick answer and after a short while I got another batterie. This batterie runs good for now, so I hope everything is fine now. So try to contact the support.

stefanberger1963 - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Very easy replacement, must faster than other stuff I’ve swapped out in my Mac. Super straightforward guide. Thanks!

Samik - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Very easy process. Thanks for the tips about the screw lining up with the bevels and noting that there are different screws that need to be returned in the same location they came from on the back!

Mark Delany - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Thanks for the guide, Daedalus Tested, Tek Approved!

mrit - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

The only thing you should mention is the size of the screw head, that would be helpful.

Marshall WahlstromHelgren - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

This is a really simple change, even for a novice, so a great guide. The battery that I bought included the required screwdrivers, to that was cool too :)

Michael W - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

nach dem tausch des Akkus schaltet sich der Mac immer wieder plötzlich aus. Also er versetzt sich in den Ruhezustand. Jemand eine Idee wie man das beheben könnte?

s.kostjukevic - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Apparently, my local apple store is not able to replace the battery in my MBP from mid 2012. I asked them if it was possible to replace it by myself. They replied that the battery is attached to the keyboard, and that it therefore is not possible to replace it (since Apple do no longer provide parts for this model). Does anyone know anything about this? Should I buy the battery from iFixit and give it a try?

guineapig - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

After replacing the battery and the Macbook Pro still doesn’t turn on, can I plug in the Macbook Pro to charge the battery?

robert_roxas - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Try and see if it charges. If it won’t, the issue is somewhere else, and i have an idea of what it could be.

Daniele Carminati -

I need A1322 or A1278 for Macbook Pro 13” 2012 mid?

Balyn Omavel - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Depends on your own model

Daniele Carminati -

I successfully installed the battery and my trackpad and keyboard were working fine for a minute and now the trackpad and keyboard doesnt respond.

please help!

Jessica Tang - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Thank you for the tutorial. It helped me to take the swollen battery of my MacBook Pro out. Am now looking for a reliable new battery, would be happy to buy the iFixit battery listed on this page. However, my MacBook Pro (13” Unibody Mid 2012) was purchased in Asia (India) and works on a voltage of 220–240V. Will the iFixit battery work with that voltage? Would appreciate any response. Thanks in advance.

Mayank - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Yes, it will. MacBook Pros are designed to work on all electrical standards around the world, your charger will convert the AC power from the wall into the proper DC amperage and voltage for the computer.

Sam Omiotek -


my battery came completly empty and once installed there are no signs of electricity.

it just doesnt work, it doesnt charge, once the computer turned on, it says the computer is running with the power adaptor.

i tries pluging in the old one and everything is fine. I charges the new one for two hours but it just doesnt work.

i bought the battery replacement for the 13 inch macbook pro 2012

Nicolas Rodriguez - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Hi Nicolas,

If the battery is properly connected to the logic board, then you most likely received a bad battery. If you purchased it from iFixit, I would reach out to customer service at 1 (866) 613-4948 and they will send you a new one.

Sam Omiotek -

I replaced the battery as the instructions said. When the time to discharge came in, I just disconnected the power adaptor and the computer shutdown immediately.

It seems the battery is not able to power the device, although it got charge up to 100% . Does anyone encounter this problem? Is this a battery problem or maybe something extra I need to do?

EVA - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

Great! I still had the original battery of my MBP mid-2012 (bought refurbished in 2015) when it started working only when plugged.

I purchased a new one, and here is my MBP’s 3rd revival!

(also i was expecting my trackpad problem was from the swollen battery but no)

mia BL - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

The lead on my battery was too short - it din’t fit. I had to detach the cable from the bottom of the battery to get the extra length. My fault - I unstuck the wire and moved it slightly and the battery doesn’t work. A waste of money.

Mark - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0



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