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Intermittent horizontal lines bottom 3rd of screen fix

This is a 58” Vizio smart tv model V585-H1

I’ve had this tv for a few years and about 2 months ago I lost my picture entirely and deduced I had to replace the tcon board. I did this myself and it was a great success.

Just yesterday I’ve encountered a new problem: horizontal lines on the bottom of screen that come and go. 14 seconds of lines, 10 seconds of no lines. Repeats, with little variation. I timed it. Occasionally the lines cover about half the screen, but only briefly.

Coincidentally, my kid spilled some Koolaid behind the tv and the problem showed up a couple hours later. I’m reluctant to believe that this has anything to do with the tv problem because I don’t think any of the drink actually got into the tv. I’m not entirely sure though.

I’m tempted to just replace the tcon board again and see if that helps, but since it’s not the same problem as last time (and I just replaced it) I’m not sure if that will do the trick this time.

I would really like some insight as to what I should do to try to fix this issue myself. I’ve posted pictures of the with lines and without lines.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (09/26/2022)

I’ve tried:

Power cycling

Changing the picture

Cleaning and reseating the ribbon cables

Factory reset

I’ve inspected all the boards carefully and see nothing that appears damaged.

smacking the tv

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here

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@hnovitski your TV is running into issues with the Gate drivers. These IC’s are mounted on a flexible cable(s) which are bonded to the LCD panel. Their function is to activate each row of pixels. they are coming of the LCD driver board. That is the board where the flat ribbon cables from the T-con/Main Board connect to. Since there is no data or schematics readily available for this, it'll be very difficult to fix. Take a look at the thin ribbon cables (DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE) on the LCD panel and see if you find any corrosion, loose cables etc. Sometimes just pushing against the cables will make a difference.

Of course check all the interconnect cables for any corrosion or tears. Make sure they are all seated properly etc.


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I think you’re right, I was just hoping it was something else, that I could actually fix or replace myself. I did look at those ribbons carefully but didn’t see anything amiss, except for 1 on the end where the ribbon looks a little like it got pinched on one small area. I probably did it myself from removing/replacing the panel cover, I’m not sure if that’s the problem or not.

Tomorrow I’m going to mess around with it while it’s plugged in with a picture on the screen and see if I can manipulate something to get rid of the lines. If that fails, I might try the tape trick I see floating around. That seems like it might be a quick and dirty fix for something like this. I guess I’ll see.




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