Small business desktop computer introduced by Dell in 2007.

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Stuck on Dell logo screen

Dell pc is stuck on Dell logo screen. f2 and f12 do not work.

I have already tried the following:

  1. Change ram and ram slots
  2. Removed CMOS battery for 1 minute and replaced it
  3. Removed all peripherals

The issue happened after I turned off the computer one day and now it won't turn on. Any suggestions?

Block Image

It's stuck on this screen for hours.

UPDATE: When testing a new keyboard on a working computer the keyboard gets power. On this broken computer the keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals don't get power from any of the USB ports. Could it also be a mobo issue?

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Hi @blz657,

Start the PC and hold the Ctrl + Esc keys (both together) to see if you can get into BIOS at all?




Looks to be a BIOS issue based on what screen it is on. You may have to reflash the BIOS chip or solder on a new one. I couldn't find any for this model, but maybe you can.


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