While working the system is overheating and turning off

13" MacBook Pro (A1706 EMC 3163) While working the system is overheating and turning off

How can I fix this issue ?

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Lets see if we can better identify the problem

Restart your system and press the D key to enter into the onboard diagnostics. Did you get any errors?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

I would also install a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro as it will allow you (and us) to see more clearly what is overheating.

Given the systems age you also likely need a new battery. When a battery gets old it often needs more charging which in turn causes the power logic within the logic board to heat up. To get a better view of what's happening within the battery install this app CoconutBattery.

Take a snapshot of the apps main window for both and post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question

Also what are you doing on your system - Workflow ??