Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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2011 17" MacBook Pro error code 4SNS/1/40000001:VG0C-0.000

Mine is MacOSX High Sierra, 16GB RAM, 17" late 2011, ATI hardware disabled by PROM reprogramming - (again) working flawlessly for 18 months.

3 days ago it "lost" its Bluetooth hardware. Error code 4SNS/140000001:VG0C-0.000

I can find almost no mentioning of Bluetooth in any Console logs - okay, the data might only go back a few days? - but it feels as if BT never was there.

If I can supply some logs to shed light on this, which should it be? Can I safely make them public?

To get on with life I intend to try out a BT USB dongle - can't seem to function without my Magic Mouse.

Now used as desktop Mac w/ USB videocard to external screen (as screen out is disabled from ATI malfunction) due to keyboard cable holder breaking, causing the keyboard to show wrong keys from lack of precise placement (and the start button is on the same USB-chain... can't shut down, because I will need to open it up to nudge the keyboard cable for the start-button to activate :-D

But I DO love my old machine!!) Please help.

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4SNS is a failed sensor, VG0C is GPU VCore voltage.





Good evening from down under,

I wouldn't have a clue about this (Even if I could pull some luck out from under my couch!). But, if it looses bluetooth hardware and comes up with the same code....I don't know honestly.

As I always do, after a quick google search, it appears that the SNS part is a faulty sensor believing that too much current is coming in. Based on the apple support page I followed, the only way to fix this is to replace the logic board (Unless you take it to someone like Louis Rossmann who is based in NYC). The link to that page is:

For now, it looks like your SOL on this. However you can use the same storage drive from your old computer. If you want one they run really expensive (1k aud!!!!!), or you can take a gamble and get this for 175 USD which is unable to install OS (I really hope it's a drive issue so you can slot your new one in). That link is below:


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Sadly, this is a logic board power issue. You'll need to get someone with the needed deeper skills to diagnose the logic board. It's likely a blown cap.


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