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Face ID with replacement front screen

Face ID not working because of water damage, and I also need to replace cracked screen. What exactly do I need to replace for the Face ID to work and will it work with the replacement screen. My camera still works just not my Face ID. I’ve looked and don’t want to replace wrong part or any if it’s not going to work. Thank you

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For face ID to work with a replacement screen you need to transfer the Earpiece Speaker and Front Sensor Assembly from the original screen. However if the face ID is not working now it will not work with the replacement screen. If your phone has been water damaged it might be time for an upgrade. If you still want to try the guide is here.


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Hi Jenni,

Generally if one of the components of the Face ID system has failed, only Apple can replace that part, as they are specifically paired to that logic board and Apple is the only one who can do that pairing. Rather than repeat my whole post on the subject, here's a link to it that explains the whole situation.

Face ID not working - iPhone XS Max - iFixit

The Face ID issue and the replacement screen issue really are two separate problems; as @imicrosoldering has pointed out, new screens won't affect the Face ID function as long as you use the original earpiece/illuminator assembly from the old screen.


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