How do I fix burnt capacitors near the battery point

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I noticed a black ash near the charging point on the motherboard. I tried scrapping off the ash and found copper paper underneath. The laptop HDD runs and the MagSafe shows charging sign but the laptop doesn't boot. Pls help me out

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I suspect if you look Here you'll find helpful stuff.





The first step is locating the board number so you can locate the schematics and boardview if they are available. What I often do is look at a logic board image for the given system, so in this case iFixit has a very good one MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1150) 2.16 GHz Logic Board. Now looking at the image we should find the board number which will either be etched within the traces (large ground plane segment) or printed on the board which is the case here 820-1993.

Now with that we can search online locating hopefully a free source for them. While you can find the schematics in PDF form for free. Sadly, you need a special app to view the boardview drawings which requires an old copy of Windows to run.

Even still you should be able to identify the component and maybe the markings will give you enough to get a replacement from a parts house.

Now the bad news... You''ll need to clean up the area to see if the traces are still intact as often times a burnt component damages the board. Rebuilding the traces might be possible, otherwise its time for a new logic board ;-{

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MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1150) 2.16 GHz Logic Board



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To read the boardview files you can download a free open source software for Windows and Mac OS : Openboardview

Good luck in your repair :-)


@lemerise - Sadly, the older BV files are not readable with OpenBoardView unlike the BRD versions.




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