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Vertical Stripes on the display and rebooting continuously

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

Last Sunday, was a bad day for me. My wonderful MacBook Pro 17” (Late 2011) out of the blue first rebooted and then after started to reboot into an infinite loop and displaying equally identical vertical stripes showing the Apple logo followed by the booting progress bar hidden behind those vertical stripes and in the end rebooting again and restarting the cycle again continuously.

I upgraded my MacBook Pro to to 16GB RAM and an Intel SSD 1TB, of course following your awesome advises on your awesome site, including buying your tools kit as I’m a DIY dude.

The first time the laptop started the error was out of the blue, it rebooted and here is the sequence of images after it shutdown by itself:

This is the first image that it appeared after the impromptu reboot:

Block Image

This is booting the MacOS from the SSD:

Block Image

Then I see the progress bar reading the MacOS from the SSD

Block Image

And at the end of this sequence I got to this empty image:

Block Image

When I try to boot the machine with internet access by holding down Command+Option+R this is the message I get:

Block Image

To be honest I fear it might be the logic board that might be damaged and that will have to be replaced.

Those two images are my machine from the outside and an inside image:

Block Image

Block Image

I have so far checked the SSD and it’s fine and I will wait another set of 2x8 GB SODIMM 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM that I purchase for my Mac 27” (Mid 2011) to upgrade to 32GB. I will test it first in the MAcBook Pro to check if it’s a memory issue.

Please let me know what else I could do? I really appreciate any suggestion before I go and check a local Apple approved Technical Services.

I really appreciate you reading my message and provide some helpful suggestions.

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@oldturkey03 Thank you for your prompt reply.

Unfortunately, my iMac 27" (Mid 2011) as an external display with TDM (Target Display Mode) never worked together with my MAcBook Pro (Late 2001) though I used an Apple Thunderbolt cable to connect them both.

Both machines had the same level of Firmware Version: 22.1 with Port Micro Firmware Version: 2.1.3. Also they run the same System Version: macOS 10.13.6 (17G14042) for the Mac and a slightly updated 10.13.6 (17G140XX) for the MacBook Pro, I don't remember the XX release number as I can't open it anymore.

Thank you though for your suggestion.


@ionel - What happens if you put your system into Target Disk Mode (press the T key at restart? Do you see the FireWire and Thunderbolt icons on the screen.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


Good morning @estebans.

First, I paid a services company, here in Bucharest, called iPhone Doctor ( to disable my MacBook Pro 17" (Late 2011) dedicated GPU. You can read about it here in this article attached here below:

But I wasn't content after I did it because my laptop lost its punch, having only the Intel HD Graphics 3000. My laptop was crawling with great difficulty especially in easy operations such as modifying a simple picture and than saving it. And unfortunately it introduced some jagged artifacts on the pictures, so I decided a few weeks after, to change my Logic Board and I found one in China on AliExpress, below here:

The part number of the Logic Board I found is 820-2914-A with 2.5 GHz intel CPU. The one on my Logic Board is 2.4 GHz (quad-core Intel Core i7 processor).

Good luck.





Looks very much like yet another machine with a faulty GPU, an issue that plagued both 15 and 17 MBP of 2011. If you have a TV, a thunderbolt to Hdmi adapter could confirm it’s nothing else but the GPU, as an external monitor is driven with the discreet card only. Sometimes one can occasionally see the Mac booting by resetting the SMC.

The only viable long term solution would be to exclude the dedicated GPU by forcing the integrated Intel HD3000 to run at all times. There are several solutions around the internet, each with some plus and minuses and difficulty level, some purely software, some purely hardware and hybrid ones too. You’ll have to take some time to explore the various remedies, google for “MBP GPU disable” and youll’get plenty of sources and discussions.


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The tell-tail sign is if you can get it to boot up in Target Mode that uses the intergraded CPU graphics engine and also bypasses the full POST process.



@ionel Hi, I have the same problem, with my MacBook Pro 17” 2011, can you fixed already? Please let me know, I need help with that!


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Good morning @estebans,

My first comment was deleted by the dummy spam analyzer on iFixIt's site.

Anyway, I disabled my dedicated GPU on my MacBook Pro 17" (Late 2011):

And after a few weeks I decided to purchase a refurbished 2.5GHz processor based Logic Board (820-2914-A) from AliExpress below in China:

I'm swapping my Logic Board as I'm writing this message. I am doing it at iPhone Doctor, here in Bucharest:

Good luck.


@ionel thank you very much, for your answer! Why you decide to change your logic board, if you disable your GPU the problem hasn't been fixed?


@estebans, your dedicated GPU AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics card is more powerful than your integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 and therefore depending on your needs you might not be satisfied only with the Intel solution.

It's up to you to decide if you can forsake your dedicated GPU.

Personally I need it.



@ionel thank you for your time to answer! I will try to disable the GPU. Hope that can works for me for now!


@ionel is the new logic board from Aliexpress any good? Does it have same issue as before? If it’s Apple Original logic board, do you think it will have same problem in the future? Thank you for your time.





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