Blue Yeti Microphone Disabling USBs on MacBook Pro

Hello! I just got a new Yeti and I've been using a MacBook Pro recently for my voice acting work. I took it out of the box about 5 minutes ago and plugged the microphone in via a USB to USB-C splitter and the mute button glowed red for less than a second before my Mac came up with the error: "USB Devices Disabled" and apparently it's using too much power?

Block Image

I've never had problems with Yeti in the past until I tried to use it on my Mac. What would be the best solution to this problem? The microphone is just the normal Yeti.

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@blewbyboy - Did you try other ports? Are other USB-a devices working with your adapter? Have you tried the Yeti on another system to make sure its not bad?