Repair guides and support for the laptop/tablet hybrid in the Toshiba Satellite Radius series released in 2014.

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does it matter what the part number of the screen is?

even though this question is a number of years old… my laptop now has the same issue. the screen has developed crazy vertical lines, and the blinking, changing xmas colors, and if heading toward black. also, developed an interesting “ooze” happening at the base of the screen. and no, i have NOT spilled anything on the laptop, thank you very much!

using a secondary monitor as the main monitor at this point…. does anyone know… can i remove my laptop screen to look for the screen part number and still run the secondary screen as the main monitor?

and does it matter what the part number of the screen is? seems like there are bunches of generic replacement screens but they all seem exactly alike…. help?

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The major concerns are where the connector is, the pin count, is the old screen iDP or LVDS and if the screw mounts match.

As long as that works, you're good but if it's touchscreen then you may as well buy a new laptop unless you can get the panel cheap.




@pennyemporium yes it does. Even small variation in numbers etc. can mean a major difference with the electrical connections even with the same connectors, that have been made to the screen. Let us know the exact model that your laptop is and we can possibly get you the right fitting screen. It would even be better if wee would have the make and model number for your screen which will be on a label at the back of the LCD.


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