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Flexgate and water damage?

I spilled coffee on my keyboard, promptly cleaning it up. It seemed to be working find until later in the evening I noticed spotlight looking display issues on the screen. I found that a lot of people have experienced this for a while but couldn’t find any mention of how spill damage also affects it. How should I proceed in repairing it?

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If you are seeing the stage light effect at the bottom edge of your display like this

Block Image

Then your displays backlight has become corroded from the spill so the connection path for one of the LED strings has become damaged.

So then it’s a matter of locating where in the backlights power feed your spill has damaged and what will be needed to fix it.

Liquid spills are not just water which can evaporate. The solids within the drink (coffee, sugar & cream/milk as well as any minerals or salts in the water] that are left afterwards all have a bearing in promoting corrosion. They need to be cleaned off to prevent damage.


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