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Steelseries Apex 5 button problem

Hey, so i had my apex 5 for not so long and three keys (C, V and ,) has to be pressed really hard to make an input. Any solutions or ways to fix? Much love, some help would be appreciated! Also, after i press the button and hold it for some time it functions normally for some time and after that it goes back until i do the same thing

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usually with those types of switches when they go they go, you might be able to order some replacement ones and re solder it to the board. but odds are this is not going to better.

i had a logitec keyboard that allowed you to solder on new keys so you might be able to do that with this!

do you have a warranty anymore? it might be worth looking into that also

i hope this helps!


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I am not sure how I would solder them, but this keyboard is mech membrane, it's membrane keyboard with mechanical keyboard feel, is there any way that one can fix membrane with this kind of problem? Also I have seen some videos of people fixing membrane keyboards, but those were not working at all


gotcha, so if thats the case you might be able to seperate the membrain and clean it out that way it meakes a better connection. also it just might be worn out. only way to know would be to open it up.

i would suggest just open it and then repost some pictures maybe




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