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Not starting when top screen is in position

I had the ‘turning on but sound popping’ problem which I thought I fixed by disconnecting the faulty IR sensor from the device.
However now the problem still exists but only when I put the screen in the maximum stance.

When I leave the topscreen in the first position (like when the 3DS is sitting on my desk) it works perfectly. But with clip the screen 1 position further (like you would do when you have the console in your hand, it turns off again!

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I don’t see thosr console too often at the shop, but I have a vague memory of having one of those consoles that had an issue with the screen flex cable that would get compressed when the top screen went into it’s last position.

I don’t recall of we had to replace the screen or only reposition the flex cable.

I hope this give you a trail.


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It's very likely, I've heard of similar cases and indeed it seems like the screen ribbon cable is being stretched. I've reseated it a couple of times but no progres....

I might delve deeper but am very scared of breaking those thin cables or having to fiddle with the hinge to put cables through it.





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