• crwdns2890332:0Phone not turning on After replacing The battery and screencrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0SE first generation help please.crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0phone won't turn on even when plugged incrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Not starting when top screen is in positioncrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Loudspeaker play much quieter after I reassemble phonecrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Microphe isn't working properlycrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Why won't my camera or flashlight work?crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Restarts every 3 minutes because of thermalmonitordcrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0I forgot my phone password , how do I unlock itcrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Post-battery replacement, battery no longer chargingcrwdne2890332:0