This is the Moto G7 Play, which is one of the G7 series. The model numbers are XT1952-3 and XT1952-2, depending on carrier/region. Colors offered for this device are Deep Indigo and Starry Black.

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Any unlocking companies who can ACTUALLY unlock this phone?

Normally I unlock these by trying my current AT&T SIM (it used to work), but since the Device Unlock app and relies on the device it historically has not - why not admit you just hate having to unlock phones already, AT&T? The issue now is I ported my number to T-Mobile, so that option is done. This mess is making these phones waste so far.

At one point, I got a Moto G7 Play (purchased used) which is SIM locked to AT&T I got as a backup phone, before switching. This phone has always been SIM locked, but it was cheap and I had AT&T at the time. However, it keeps getting denied for ineligibility and AT&T denies and says use the app. I tried to have it done with The Unlocking Company, but they couldn’t figure it out and refunded me… Not great, since they also had trouble with an AT&T locked LG I tried with them. I think these Device Unlock phones are difficult out of spite.

Is there any unlocking companies who are reasonably priced who can figure this out, without paying for AT&T service for 6 months and looking like a drug dealer for months just to pay up the nose for a “SIM unlock”? I’d sooner dump the locked phones on eBay if I can’t do it without giving them money again. See why here:

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PS: Yes, I looked into the “shill it to family” method, but they’re looking past AT&T too.

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This may or may not be helpful but here is some info on the topic in case you don’t know:

Get info about device unlock eligibility

Why ATT unlocks can be challenging

My first guess is, the phone was financed and there is an outstanding balance on it.

Anyway, hope this information helps someone.


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It came in a AT&T prepaid box, so different type of subsidy - loss leader retail.




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