A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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White screen all the time even with computer off

Hello i ask for help here bc I'm pretty scared and have no idea of what to do

I jusr went out for like 45 minutes, my pc still on and everything was fine

When i came back my screen was entirely white, i tried turning off/on my pc but nothing changed, even with my computer off the screen stays white, unplugged everything except the power cable and nothing still completely white so i assume it doesnt have to be a pc problem but abt the screen

I have an acer predator 240hz (idk the exact reference) and it never happened before, I'm genuinely scared cuz that screen was expansive asf and i dont have the guarantee anymore

Please if someone can help me abt that I've searched on internet but i only find computer problems/solutions when im sure its only abt the screen

Thank you for your help

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Update :

I opened my screen like in the video @salmonjapan sent me and i couldn't access the cables of the primary board bc it's glued or smth, i took off the screws and all but still impossible to move it a bit (it's not the exact same model as in video so maybe its different abt that)

So yeah my screen is still full white without me being able to do anything so if there's other solutions i could try pls tell me

Thank you for the help


@genior What is the exact model number? Look for label on back of monitor. This will halp us help you.


It's an acer predator xb272 bmiprz

If it can help


Also just to make things clear the problem come from the monitor bc I'm currently using a hold screen that works perfectly fine waiting for a solution





Hi @genior

Try removing the display cables and see if it helps.

Unplugging everything and pressing and holding the power button for 30 secs.

It seems you are not alone on this issues.

If you have warranty still, contact for service.

Else you might want to try on link below:


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I already tried removing all the display and turning it on with just the power cable and it stays white

I tried to hold the power button for 30 seconds just now but it didn't change anything either

I don't have guarantee anymore so ig I'll try the solution u sent me from ytb but I'm a bit scared to do bad things and just make it worst tho but if its the only solution I'll give it a try

Thanks for ur help




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