MacBook screen is un responsive and light grey blue backlight.

Hi there! 

Please could someone help me! I shut my MacBook lid yesterday and after going back to it the display is completely dark with a small crack like shape at the top of the screen, but inside the screen that shows multi coloured with a small like running down from it. (just under the camera) there is no visible damage/ scratches etc. I’ve no idea what happened, but the whole screen other that this small line, is completely grey ish - it seems like there is a back light but no display. It also seems like the keyboard light isn’t working either. I have tried plugging it into my external monitor but there is absolutely no response. Does this mean it’s not a fault with the screen but something else ? 

The only other thing I can think of is it was very loud when using it earlier in the day and seemed like it was working overtime

Thank you so much in advance!

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Can you post a few pictures so we can see the display Adding images to an existing question

See if you can get an external display to work via the USB -C ports