plugged in 220v instead of 110v.

My daughter plugged my Iconites air fryer in 220v instead of 110v.Its not working,humming like a bird and lights flickering.How can you help ?I purchased an Iconites air fryer from Amazon and I live in n the caribbean.My daughter plugged it into 220v instead of 110v and it smokes and sparked. Later I plugged it into 110v and all the indicator lighted up ,the fan was spinning and it kept making a humming sound.Help me please.

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Hopefully all that's happened is that a fuse and a surge suppressor on the circuit board in the fryer have blown and that no other damage has occurred.

Disassemble the fryer and take some close up images of the circuit board especially around where the power cord connects to the board as that is usually where these components are located

Being able to see the damage may help to fix it.

Here's how to do this on Ifixit Adding images to an existing question

Unfortunately I cannot find a repair guide or video that would help with the disassembly so you may have to work out how to do that.


Ok but how do I expose these parts ?


@Ann-Marie Christopher

I am not familiar with your appliance but most have screws that you need to remove to disassemble the unit to gain access to the component parts.

Sometimes with all plastic devices they are of a snap fit construction or even plastic welded as the maker doesn't want it to be repaired, simply replaced but if metal covers etc are involved then usually there are screws somewhere. However, occasionally they get sneaky and hide them under labels or have them located in deep thin sockets and they also have tamper proof screwheads so specialized drivers are needed.