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How do I dispose of liquid solution after using an ultrasonic cleaner?

I’m planning to use a Crest P1200HT ultrasonic cleaner with 2 gallons of distilled water and 200 mL of Branson EC to clean the corrosion off of some liquid damaged MacBook Pro and MacBook Air logic boards. How should I dispose of the liquid solution (a mixture of distilled water, Branson EC, and bits of corrosion) after using the ultrasonic cleaner? Does this qualify as hazardous waste? Thank you!

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If we read the product label - Branson 100-955-914 Electronic Cleaners, for Oils, Resins and Rosins, 1 Gallon Concentrated

The cleaner its self is biodegradable! But what it cleaned off may not be!

I save up my solution and using a simple sun distiller I boil off the water. What remains is the oils and solids. Then I drop it off at my recycle center with the oil group.


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Awesome. Thanks Dan!


I have a quick follow-up question - is it safe to reuse the cleaning solution or should it be removed from the ultrasonic cleaner after every cleaning? For example, if I pour in the distilled water and Branson EC, then clean a board, should I remove the liquid from the ultrasonic cleaner or is it safe to keep it in there and use it again with another board? Thanks.


The issue is what you are cleaning. I have two units one I use for logic boards alone and the other for cleaning corrosion from metal parts using a different solution.

The logic board after 10 or so boards I toss it. The other is using an oil based solution which I change out less frequently as it depends on what I've needed to run through it.


Gotcha. Thanks for the info as always!




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