Released September 22, 2017. Model A1864, A1897. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / gold, silver, and space gray.

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Is it worth the fix?

Just bought an iphone 8 plus for cheap with the brocken back glass being the only issue. Im not super advanced but Ive done lots of phpne repairs myself and felt pretty confidentabout replacing the glass only myself until watching some videos and people warning you can completely mess the phone up? Is it worth it? What things do I need to look out for if attempted? I would just throw a case on it but a good amount of glass is alreasy missing from it.

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As Nick said below it's definitely not worth the trouble unless you have professional equipment and time/money for mistakes. Arguably, getting a replacement frame to move everything else into might be a cheaper/more fun experience and you'll learn heaps too if you've never performed a repair like that.


@smashedliam They stopped engraving the IMEI years ago, so it hasn't mattered in a while with iPhones. It's on the SIM tray, so transferring the original tray is the way to do it now. More trouble then it's worth for a one off, especially a new DIYer attempt.

I would probably poke at it and see if I could find a way that doesn't involve a Rewa laser or liquid nitrogen, but I'd want to move the parts over and then mess with it once I fixed the phone so I can experiment.

You can buy a matching iCloud lock phone for the back if the price is close (or just the back if it's cheap), throw the locked board out and move your good parts over including the screen assembly as a unit (True Tone pairing). If other parts are known to be paired like the FaceID camera move it too.





The way it’s adhered makes it genuinely near impossible for beginners, sadly. Apple glues it onto the back of the frame in such a way you need to burn the paint and adhesive off ($$$) or use liquid nitrogen ($$). This is not for beginners, as you learned the hard way. For a new DIYer, buy a good OEM back that color matches, and transfer the SIM tray over so the IMEI on the board matches the tray.

However, if you insist on trying, take the components and battery out so at least if you trash the back, you can buy a used OEM one and make it like nothing happened.


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Anyway you could link me a video please? Im not sure I'm completely understanding what youre suggesting? Like buy a new body and tranfer everything?


@ohpana Here's a video on how to do it.




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