Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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Not starting and Logic board debug

My a1347 Mac Mini has been turned off for a few years and now it will not start. When I press the power button the fan goes on for a second, the light goes on for about a second too and it makes some sort of sound. The sound is not the fan as I also hear it with the fan disconnected and I have some distant memory of that the sound always there on start.

I have checked that the power supply gives 11.8V on all 4 pairs as of this guide so it appears to not be the problem. Complete Dead - How To Check Power Supply Vs Logic Board

So now I am rightly of wrongly looking at the logic board. I have read in a few other forums of failing capacitors near the power supply on Macs. Can someone point out where in the photos these might be? Other ideas of where/what to check and how are also appreciated.

Block Image

Block Image

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Did you replace the NVRAM coin battery?


No but I measured it to be under 3V. Is that enough voltage?


If the system had been sitting unplugged it will need replacing. I would start there.


I changed the old battery (2.9V measured) to a new one (3.3V measured) but it didn't help. Still the same when starting the Mac Mini. Any other ideas?


So can anyone point where the capacitors are on the logic board that are related to the power supply?





Sadly, as far as I know Apple never offered schematics and board views for the Mac Mini systems. So trying to nail down what is bad gets tricky! You’ll need to carefully inspect the logic board for burnt parts, staining or corrosion damage. I would give it a good clean as sometimes dust hides things.

Otherwise, it’s time for a new logic board.


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Still, I can’t get this to start, for reference I have tried this

Measured the power supply both on the connector and the exposed pins on the board, 11.8V

Changed the 2032 coin battery

Cleaned the board with electronics cleaner

Tried the CMD-Alt-P-R combination many times.

Now I am considering a used logic board if I can find it for a reasonable price.


Also no obvious burns or corrosion on the board




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