Repair guides and troubleshooting for MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop computers with a non-unibody design.

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display issue at boot

Hi, my early 2008 15" MacBookPro (modelA1260) has a display issue as seen in the pic

Block Image

any idea what might be wrong with it? This issue occurs when its booting, i can never see the user login screen or anything else, just this photo.

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What do you see when you hookup an external display?


How can i do that? What do i need?


@genik - Your system has a Dual-link DVI connector that big connector on the side. You should be able to get a DVI to VGA adapter to plug in VGA display.


Thanks Dan, ill have to see if its easy in getting such an adapter.

Until that, if the issue is a not worth one repairing and i should just chuck away or sell the laptop, if you were in my shoes, what hardware would you consider as worth uninstalling? Im thinking surely of the hdd and the Ram... u think something else?





Sadly, your system is quite old, The RAM standards have moved forward and this RAM is no longer being used or compatible with newer systems. Your HDD likewise is old and is not overly fast. While you could take the drive out and install it into an external case to use it, its storage size makes that iffy as a good investment.

I doubt you would get that much for parts, best to find a responsible recycler to dispose of it and get a new system (Used or New)


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Regarding the DVD drive should that be important in order to take it off too?

Im thinking of replacing the drive on a late 2009 mac mini.

On that same mini, will the macbookpro's ram work?


@genik - Sorry the optical drive is PATA not SATA so it won't work in a SATA based system only another PATA based system.

You'll need to review the specs of the Mac Mini to see what it has for drive interncates as well as the needed RAM to be sure if either can be used.




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