Screen replacement and now it wont startup

So I had a bad screen and got a replacement but even though everything is back in the right place it will not power on. No fan spin just nothing. Could this have something to do with the new lid cover sensor? I’m just not sure what to check next. battery checks out for voltage and the same thing happens when plugged in. I have repaired many macbooks and have never had this issue.

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Can you give us a better idea what happened from the start.


Sure, The computer would start up but the screen had all sorts of lines, The client had dropped it and then that started. I opened up the machine re seated the video connector and no luck. So we ordered a screen. I installed the screen reconnected everything and no power no fan spin nothing.


@anlance - What happens when you plug in an external display in?


Nothing. Like I said the fans don't even spin up.