2011 Keyboard on 2010?

Hi guys, I have a late 2010 A1370.

There are 3 keys on the keyboard that stopped working: 1, Z, Delete

I ordered a new keyboard and all the little screws. But it seems to be the 2011 A1370 keyboard (F5 and F6 have backlight icons)

On the new keyboard 1 and Z do work, but many other keys don’t work.

Capslock doesn’t light up or work, Tab, P, “, left arrow, down arrow, even the spacebar doesn’t work.

Does anyone know what could be going on?

I thought this keyboard should still work, just without the backlight functions.

Or at least the main keys like P should all be working.

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Sorry ;-{ Apple remapped the keyboard lines in the 2011 and the newer models.

You’ll need to dig in one more time replacing the keyboard with this one Late 2010 11" Apple MacBook Air A1370 Top Case Keyboard & Trackpad Apple P/N 661-5739 do to the systems age this is all I can find.


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