1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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Thinking of upgrading logic board from aliexpress, store says new?

I was going to save for a new macbook, but it’s too expensive, I already upgraded the ssd to 1tb/battery, if big sur patch works stable I might get a logic board w/ 8gb ram/2.0ghz.

Anything that says new from 2012 is a refurb right? Their store says they have 345 pieces of the item, how’d they get so many?

Macpalace and those places I don’t trust after reading bad reviews.

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No one is selling ‘new’ logic boards for this system any more. Apple stopped getting them made about two years after the system was discontinued (~2015). while some Authorized service shops might have a single board or two of the original spares kit for the system that’s a very slim possibility! Beyond that Apple repairs what they can of the returned bad boards to then ship back out (refurbed) so its hit or mis on getting a new board.

Buying on Amazon, or eBay has its risks too! Aliexpress is no different. These are the last places I goto for parts.

I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with MacPlace. How about using a different Mac parts house. I personally use iFixit, BeetsTech and TheBookYard.


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Didn't know about beetstech and thebookyard, good to know, but they're all out of 8gb/2.0ghz, but aliexpress is swimming in them, weird.

Macpalace I didn't personally have bad experience, just read another's experience of a bad logic board experience, and bad shipping prices, which is true for me they wanted 80usd us to canada which is ridiculous, if I can negotiate cheaper shipping I might consider them, if I can find a 2015/2016 11 inch on ebay I might consider that as well as the prices are not too far apart between that mac and a new board, but I don't know if my current ssd/battery will fit in there.


@joeygrimes - To be clear your system won't support a newer version of the logic board either as the display uses a different setup to the logic board. Apple basically made this not possible.


@danj so I can't upgrade my logic board in my current system? it says the specs match a1465 emc 2558, who are places selling them to? isn't it just the higher spec board apple gave out as launch option in 2012 that I would be getting with 8gb ram and best 2.0Ghz processor? as opposed to my 4gb 1.7Ghz.


Well it gets complicated ;-{

Your system can only support this series of logic boards MacBookAir5,2 as the best you can use. This sereis uses this display: MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2012) Display Assembly

The MacBookAir6,1 series will require getting a new display assembly is different than the MacBookAir5,1 & MacBookAir5,2 models MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2013-Early 2015) Display Assembly. This is the last 11" MacBook Air - Early 2015 MacBookAir7,1


yeah I noticed 11 inch ended in 2015 not 2016 as I had thought, I'll see how they go on ebay, if I find a high spec 2015 within a hundred or so dollars of a logic board upgrade I'll save all the trouble.

Even if a big sur patch comes out for 2012 it won't last long and there probably will be no patch after that, there still is some competition for the 2015s though and pricing can get high, and I don't want two similar laptops and my current one has little resale value.

I have a MacbookAir5,1, would this fit?





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