The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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Why does my games not load up right away?

So I gotten a PlayStation 3 that an 80GB with Backwards compatibility that was tested, once I got it in the mail and set up, I tried putting in my PS2 games in it but nothing popped up but the little circle on the right hand top corner, so I thought okay it’s reading the game but nothing happened I’ve waited for 20 minutes and nothing showed up that said PS2 game or something so I thought maybe I’ll test it with a PS3 game but even that didn’t show up the screen didn’t display the background to show what game is in or anything! Even put in a Blu-ray Disc in doesn’t show anything but the loading clock! Before anyone ask yes I have always clean my game Disc and DVD plus Blu-rays to make sure it’s not bad and one of the PS3 games I got is brand new! I’m just not sure and I just need some help with this because I’m not sure what to! I was thinking of going inside it to check it like maybe the blu-ray player is bad or something but I’m just not sure, if anyone could give me some advice, I would really be appreciated.

I just hope I didn’t do anything bad because I’ve reset the console and updated it as I connected it to my WiFi and I hope I didn’t break anything.

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Okay I found out the problem the disc reader wasn’t working because the blu-ray Laser inside the console wasn’t reading the disc after clearing it, nothing happened so I went online to find out it was a common thing with PS3, so I went to buy a replacement, took the PS3 apart to get to the disc drive and carefully take the one that wasn’t working and replaced it with the new one, put it most of it back together because I wanted to test it before putting the cover on, so I put in a disc in and now in about 10 seconds I’m sent to the game itself! I am so relieved right now and this was my first time fixing a video game consoles! So now I can play PS 1,2, and 3 games now with no problems!


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Hey Katie,

Did you see the console working before you bought it? If not there’s a small chance this was simply a scam. If you bought it from eBay or such first thing i’d do is contact the seller and ask for refund because it could’ve been damaged during shipping. If the seller is not responding I’d contact PayPay. Let’s suppose you can’t get your refund or replacement. Updating the console does not effect your drive, even if it did, it wouldn’t disable the drive completely. Take the console apart and see if all cables are connected properly, one or two might come loose duding shipping. I’d check that first. Next, there’s a drive fuse inside which sometimes goes bad. You can google it to see the location.


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I don’t think I can get a refund because it’s been 30 days and I even tried to ask what was going on but nothing, I took it apart and it’s looks good like all the parts are connected and I can still hear the fan running well beside the fact there dust everywhere but I clean that up and can you explain drive fuse I’m a little confused like the disc drive or something?




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