Microwave Oven turns on but the turn table does not turn

My GE Café 1.7 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven turns on but the turn table does not turn and the Microwave does not heat up. What is the problem?

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What is the model number of the microwave oven?

It sounds like a problem with the door interlock switches.

They are a safety measure designed to turn off the microwave if the door is opened during operation so that no microwave radiation is emitted.

There are usually 2 or 3 switches involved with the door interlocks. They could be broken, burnt out or loose. The oven would need to be opened and the switches checked.

Microwave ovens are dangerous to work on if you don’t know what you’re doing. If in any doubt contact a reputable, professional appliance repair service and ask for a quote

The HV capacitor can cause serious injury if it is not discharged correctly before any repair work is carried out. It can store >6000V DC for months even if the oven has been disconnected from the power for this length of time.


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When everything else works except for the turntable, the usual cause is a faulty turntable motor.

Replacing the motor is not that hard if you are comfortable opening ou the oven (and be sure to follow the advice about the capacitor). So far I have replaced motors on two different microwaves.

My source for motors has been Ebay.


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