• crwdns2890332:0My drip ring won't stay on even after cleaning thoroughly. Why?crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0KitchenAid speed control lever is stuckcrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0My motor won't turn.crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Microwave Oven turns on but the turn table does not turncrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Kitchen Aid Bowl Holder Won't Stay Upcrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Carbon brush stuck in machinecrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Speed control lever won't stay in off positioncrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Meat Grinder Attachment Won't Grind...It Stickscrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Is the wobble in the planetary of my mixer normal?crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0My Kitchenaid mixer won't start.crwdne2890332:0


  • KitchenAid Classic Mixer K45SSWH Circuit Board Replacement
  • KitchenAid Classic Mixer K45SSWH Worm Gear Replacement