Produced as part of the Sony Vaio E-series line, and released as a notebook in 2010. Some minor issues, associated with normal wear-and-tear, are common and and range from easy to difficult in user repairability.

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Not getting power when plugged in

I have an old Vaio laptop and I am trying to see if it works but I don't get any lights on the laptop when I try to power it up. I only have the little green light on the power supply

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Hi @surfalia ,

Use a voltmeter to check that there is 19.5V DC on the charger plug. A green light on the charger doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a voltage output getting to the laptop as the charger’s cord/plug could be faulty.

If possible try using another known working compatible charger and check if the laptop works.

If the charger is OK there may be a problem with the DC-In jack - supplier example only.

Use the Voltmeter to check if the voltage from the charger is getting to the motherboard.

Here’s the ifixit Sony Vaio PCG-71312l Repair guide which should help to gain access to the DC-In jack.


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