Introduced November 2012, this is a capable desktop computer with an Intel Core i7 3770S quad-core processor, 12GB of RAM, and a 3TB hard drive. It has a 23 inch, 1080p touchscreen and integrated Beats Audio.

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Need to order a replacement hard drive for HP Envy 27

My HP Envy 27’s hard drive crashed and need to replace it. I need to order the correct drive so I can fix it. Would someone provide me the specs. Thanks so much.

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This just uses a normal 3.5” drive in both the 2-3TB HD configurations, so anything will fit in place of the original drive. Refer to this guide to change the drive out. If you want to match the original drive, a replacement can be found here. You can also install an SSD, but you’ll need a 2.5>3.5” adapter since the caddy doesn’t look like it was designed with SSDs in mind on this machine. As far as the SSD goes, 256GB+ will suffice - pick the drive you want based on your budget.

If you want to install 2 drives and install your OS on an SSD, you will need to put a SSD in place of the optical drive, and then put the hard drive in the internal caddy - this computer doesn’t have the headroom in the form of a second internal SATA port dedicated to HD use, so you’ll need to choose between a large expensive SSD, or losing the optical drive and having large storage. You will need to transfer the OEM faceplate over unless the machine uses a “generic” one, or it won’t look right. With HP, it’s a wildcard situation with some doing it another way, or doing it externally where you have to move it.


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There are different versions of the HP Envy 27, with different storage components, If you add the model number, then do a search on "HP Envy 27 [model number] Specs," you will find detailed specs for the system.

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@rwalden that worked. thanks




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