The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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MacBook Pro stuck on loading screen. Help!

Need help on 2016 Macbook Pro 13” Stuck at the loading screen. I honestly have no idea what happen, although has a few suspicions.

This is the second time it happen. First time was when I put my MacBook down in a room and I believe it was pretty humid. The next day, it won’t turn on. Hence my suspicion.

I used hair dryer to it and left it in a bag with silica gel for a couple of hours. And it works! (Same symptoms, will talk about it in a bit).

But now (I don’t think it was a humid room, but possible), it happened again! The symptoms are as follows:

- Took longer than normal for boot up chime.

- Took longer than normal on user account loading screen (right when you enter a password)

And then stuck at 100% forever. I do however tried silica gel and hair dryer again, neither altered anything.

Tried all the SMC, NVRAM, PRAM reset, none works. tried recovery, safe mode, nope!

I did realize however, on the user loading screen after 100% where it stuck, my MacBook responses to my keyboard! ex: playing music, notifications, and sound.

But screen still stays stuck on loading screen. Decided to try HDMI to test if my screen is broken, not working.

Any helps?

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Do you have a second Mac? Hopefully you can try connecting between the two via a Thunderbolt cable back to back. What we are going to try first is to log in from the second system can you achieve that? If not let's try restarting the system and this time press the T key to enter into target disk mode, did that work?


@danj unfortunately i do not have a second mac


@asketh6 - No friends with one?


@danj - no, i am away at the moment for holiday so none at the moment.


Time to visit an Apple Store or authorized service centers being the best where you are now. Otherwise wait until you get home.





Unless your “humidity” is the rough equivalent of leaving your MacBook inside your bathroom with a hot shower running all day, the odds are very against humidity being the culprit.

My first guess would be a failing SSD. Several of the symptoms you’ve mentioned — slow boot, slow login, etc — are indicative of this. I would try opening the bottom case and removing the SSD drive inside. Then close it up, connect a USB3 drive to your MacBook, launch internet recovery (COMMAND-OPTION-R at startup), then install the OS to the USB3 drive and boot from that. If your performance issues go away then you may be looking at a failing SSD. If you’re lucky then replacing the SSD would solve your problem, but there’s also the possibility that the motherboard itself is having an issue communicating with the SSD drive in which case replacing the SSD would not solve your problem.


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@steve_g - Yes, that's the most likely issue here. Being on holiday I doubt he has access to the tools nor wanting to spend the time fixing vs enjoying his trip.




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