A1708 / EMC 2978 — Released October 2016, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar). The function key version packs an Intel Core i5 and two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Recurring Freeze and Shutdown (MacBook Pro late 2016, No Touch Bar)

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, 2 TBT3)

Now on Catalina, issue first appeared on Sierra

Hello everyone,

I have this recurring problem on my Mac. I brought it to Apple several times, each time they changed the topcase which didn’t help the issue. Now they don’t want to do anything anymore without me paying as it’s out of warranty. I am very disappointed as I’ve never been able to enjoy my Mac at all.

The problem is the following:

My MacBook pro suddenly freezes and then shutdown. If I turn it back on it says “Your Mac Shutdown because of a problem” And I can either reopen all apps or not, but I don’t have the diagnosis option.

 It becomes more and more frequent as I use it. In other words the issue comes faster and faster after the mac is turned on.

For example if I don’t use my mac for 1 week and that I turn it on, it can go without freezing and shutting down for 3/4 hours. After the first freeze and shutdown, the second come like 45 minutes afterwards. If I turn it on a third time after the second freeze and shutdown, it will only work for 20mn before freezing and shutting down again. And so on. About halfway through the day it just freeze and crash before I can even type my password to access my desktop, which makes the machine unusable at all for the day.

I tried unsuccessfully the followings:

I tried to reset NVRAM

I tried to erase the disk and then reinstall MacOS from the recovery partition

I was on High Sierra, I tried to update to Catalina through the internet recovery mode, (CMD OPT R), the update happened but issue still is here

I tried (sort of) successfully the followings:

Safe Mode: The issue does not occur

Any idea to help is very welcome! :)

Thank you in Advance,


Update (11/18/2019)

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for getting back to me.

1) Unfortunately I do not get the prompt window where I can have the report. This is because the computer shutdown (It doesn’t restart). The only prompt window I have asks if I want to open what was open when it shutdown.

2) They did not replace the logic board. This is because when they do a hardware diagnosis, all components show up OK. (I did one myself too and it was all fine)

3) Unfortunately, my mac is not eligible for the SSD program because it wasn’t purchase in 2017 but in 2016, when apparently units were not affected. I’ll try to be more insisting when I go back, thanks!

4) I want to explore the “Safe Mode” aspect, it doesn’t shutdown at all in “Safe Mode” (I let it run 4k video overnight and it was still running in the morning). My understanding is that if it works fine in “Safe Mode”, it means something that is activated during Normal Mode but that is not activated during safe mode is responsible. How could I test these elements one by one ? The responsible could be something I don’t care much about like location or bluetooth …

Thanks again guys!

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After the “Your Mac Shutdown because of a problem” you should be prompted with a report window where you choose if sending it to Apple or not. If you open that report, in the first few lines there should be marked the shutdown reason, for a first preliminary diagnosis.


Hi Arbaman,

Thank you for getting back to me! Good thinking.

Unfortunately, I do not have the prompt window. I tried to dig into the console too for the shutdown report but I can't find it. Then I'm not an expert, where should I look at ?




You stated they replaced the uppercase did they replace the logic board? Sounds like they kept ignoring the root cause a bad logic board.


@bondurand - Pull your documentation together and go to an Apple Store as your system was never fixed!

They may have just replaced the extended warranty parts which is not what if failing here. Your logic boards VRM's are cutting out which is why you get a wink out vs a crash (you didn't get a crash report).

You will need to fight to get this fixed. Be polite, but firm. Work up the food chain ask for the service manager then the store manager and if needed ask for the regional manager. Don't leave without an answer.

They should offer a free repair (warranty exception repair) You will need to ask for a warranty exception repair at this point if they don't offer it.

Its best to go mid morning on a Tuesday when the store is not busy and the staff are not ragged. With your paperwork in PDF email

You may need to talk with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area or states consumer protection dept to write-up a complaint. If you don't get this fix.


The only difference between Safe and Standard mode is some of the drivers are not loaded. If you had a 15" model the dedicated GPU driver wouldn't be loaded.





@Astié Rémy Have a look at this Apple help page:

If that’s the window that appears after restart, click on the corresponding “report” button and it would open a long error message full of all sorts of data. Usually the reason for restart is reported briefly in the first couple of lines.


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Thanks Arbaman. Unfortunately I do not get the prompt window where I can have the report. This is because the computer shutdown (It doesn’t restart). The only prompt window I have asks if I want to open what was open when it shutdown.


@bondurand I wouldn't expect the issue you're experiencing to be software related but this seems to be the case if the problem disappears in safe mode. Try creating a brand new user from system preferences or as last resort I'd try reinstalling the OS from scratch.


Yes, that's what I'm hoping for. I tried already to erase the disk and reinstall the OS (Once from the recovery partition, once from the internet recovery mode (Cmd Option R). It didn't help the issue.

Right now there is nothing on the laptop except the default Mac OS apps and Etrecheck.

Thanks Arbaman!


@bondurand Well, trash it, if it's the only non Os related App, that might be the culprit. Have a look if it has placed something into login items first.


@arbaman I did, but this issue is still here. Nothing into the login items. I erased the disk and reinstalled the OS several times last week in my attempt to repair the laptop so I think we can assume it isn't linked to third party software.

Maybe a driver as it works in Safe Mode?




Apple had a long list of extended warranty issues in the function key model. I know you let this slide a bit but I hope that won’t be your undoing ;-{

As soon as you got the system back and it failed again, I would have made the trip back to the Apple Store to complain, I know a waste of a day!

As the issue is documented from day one (you still have your paperwork). You should still get your system fixed. Go back and speak with a manager with the paperwork in hand and don’t take no as the answer! Ask to speak with the regional support manager and keep moving up! Remember its the squeaky wheel which gets the grease!

Here’s one issue: 13-inch MacBook Pro SSD service program FAQ: Everything you need to know


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Unfortunately, my mac is not eligible for the SSD program because it wasn’t purchase in 2017 but in 2016, when apparently units were not affected. I’ll try to be more insisting when I go back, thanks Dan!



So what was the eventual solution here? I am having the same issue!!


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