The third-generation Ram was unveiled on February 7, 2001 at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show. This was a major update including an all new frame, suspension, powertrains, interiors, and sheet metal.

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2002 dodge ram 1500 4.7 code P0352

i have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 4.7 i change the head gasket on it and the truck starts but the check engine light turn on and the code was p0352 so i changed the spark plug and the ignition coil and the same code came on again so i change couple holes and air control senior and the same code still comes on anyone could tell me whats going on

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I’m currently experiencing the same thing (x2) as I tore back down to redo the timing chains, this time using the colored links in the positions the manual describes, even though they are just installation aids. This too is pst head gasket replacements and also same code P0352. It fires up strong and comes on 10 minutes after initial start ups. It does stall out occasionally. Used to just be at low rpm’s in sharp turns unless I gave it gas (accelerated). The first time, I cleared the code, then swapped coil 2 for 4 the first time to see if the code followed the coil to 4 but didn’t. Stayed on cylinder 2. Before putting coils in original locations I tested them and they tested to be good.

Any way, I was wondering if you ever found out what had happened. Thanks, Jeff




Since you just completed heavy maintenance there is a high probability that you broke a wire.


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