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How to monitor and control fans?

I have searched high and low, but have not found a utility that will monitor and control the 2x fans in my MS Surface Studio. I recently completed an SSD upgrade and the Samsung 2TB 970 EVO Plus I inserted in the M.2 slot works great - very fast, but also runs VERY HOT (between 55 and 60 degrees C - not F…). I am hoping that I could monitor and (hopefully) control the speed of the fans with the correct software. I currently have an obscene number of external fans I am using to cool the PC that I’ve strategically placed beneath (Thermaltake Pro) and above and behind (AC Infinity fans that are typically used for cooling home theatre components) - it’s an unsightly scene, and really defeats the purpose of using a beautiful slim and sleek small form factor such as the Surface Studio. If anyone has figured out how to do this I would be very grateful for your assistance. Thank you in advance!!!

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There is a program called Speedfan, however it often does not detect the fans especially on newer computers, but you can give it a shot if you want. A program that I know will work for sure isHWmonitor, but it can only monitor temps, it cannot control fans as far as I know.


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Aloha - thank you for your answer. I have attempted to use SpeedFan as well as HW Monitor, CAM, and also Argus. None seem to detect the fans, but yet my computer (MS Surface Studio) provides no error messages in Device Monitor, etc…..frustrating. I’ll attempt the simple sound test, but after that, I may have to open up the box….again. Last time I did that, I recall being especially careful to ensure all of the connections were all as they should be prior to closing it back up again. We’ll see. Thanks again.




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